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In order to meet the stricter requirements to keep the distance at a store level, COUNTME offers the retail trade a simple plug and count system regulating the flow of consumers.

This assures safety to consumers and employees alike.

More than just a customer counter that regulates frequency in the store, but rather a sign of respect for the employees at the store front exposing themselves to the spread of COVID 19.

Finally, a response to COVID 19 that makes sense at store-front levels for customers and shopkeepers alike. One that is easy to understand and keeps people at a safe distance.




  • Traffic counting

  • Zone occupancy

  • Dwell/waiting times

  • Heat-maps

  • Event- and object stream data

  • No precaution of the shop operator needed

  • Analytics platform available

  • Expandable for other applications (e.g. Trackit)

  • Headcounts per groups



The model for smaller sales outlets and/or businesses with narrow passageways such as pharmacies, drugstores, bars, petrol station shops, kiosk businesses, etc.


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